Estate Venture (EV) is an asset management firm with offices in Rawalpindi and Karachi. Our firm provides services in three areas: Commercial Real Estate. Commercial Property Management. Residential Property Management and Brokerage.

Established on the foundation of experience and integrity, EV’s focus is to provide customized strategic and management solutions for its private and institutional clients. Our organized services platform allows our clients to focus on their own business operations, Knowing that EV’s team of real estate experts is takingĀ  care of all the strategic and operational real estate details. The end result is desired custom-tailored real estate solution that fulfill your business objectives and maximize your cost savings Having experienced both the highs and lows within the Pakistani Market place, I truly understand the necessary professionalism, commitment, integrity & knowledge required when dealing with any property transaction.

My previous & present property related experience has allowed me to educate my team to give the best service in the industry. At Estate Venture, we have the empthy & expertise to ensure you are in very capable hands no matter how big or small your property requirements.

The hard word and commitment from everyone involved at EV has firmly established the company as one of the leading Agencies in Pakistan.

Our objective is to provide a one-stop solution for all our Customer’s real estate needs, be it an end-user, investor or developer. We provide leasing, sales and property management services at a very high standard.left satisfied, and always refer their friends and family back to EV. We pride our reputation and our loyal client.